Farming Simulator 19 Crop Protection & Fertilization Guide

Having problems protecting your crops from those pesky herbs called “weed” in Farming Simulator 19? Fear not! Our Farming Simulator 19 Crop Protection Guide will help you. Of course, if you are having trouble growing your crops, the fertilization process has also been included for your convenience.

Protecting your crops is of utmost priority to a farmer. Whether it be from pesky rabbits or worms or other bugs, or from unwanted plants growth: a farmer should be ready for anything.

So, fret not! I, an imaginary Farming-expert, is here to save your day. Those hundreds of hours spent in Stardew Valley and Farming Simulator 19 should help me help y’all.

Anyways, this portion of the guide will focus on how to protect your crops from weed using fertilizers. Be careful though, this stuff is somewhat dangerous. You might want to protect your useful crops from the herbicide.

Weed – Growth Killer Weed is the unwanted wild plant that usually grows alongside other crops. It may seem harmless at first, but it will eat the nutrients out of your fertilizers and the ground your useful crops are growing in. You may want to remove this first.

Weed – Using a Weeder A weeder can be used to kill weed while your crops are still young. If the crops grow too tall, or mature enough, using a Weeder will kill the crops too. So be careful!

Attach the proper weight to your tractor and the weeder afterward. After attaching the weeder, unfold it when you reach near your crops. This will change the position of the weeder and will point it towards the ground.

Weed – Using a Sprayer If you forgot to kill weed while your crops were young, you can still kill the weed. However, this process may be a bit risky. Get on your tractor and attach a sprayer to it.

Afterward, fill the sprayer with an “Herbicide” so you can kill the unwanted herbs: weed. Unfold the sprayer and point it towards the ground. This will activate the sprayer for more action.

Activate the sprayer when you reach your crops and boom! You are done! The weed will eventually be killed out. You can check your progress through the bar visible on the top-right corner of the screen.

Your crops dying out real quick? Not growing those inches you would expect them to grow? How about filing a divorce? This just in. You cannot divorce a crop.

Well, I would expect you to fret not! We have just the fix for you! Science has recently introduced this thing called “Fertilizer” after a millennium of hard work!

We have carefully studied the manuals on fertilizers and how to apply them and we are more than happy to announce that this guide will feature how to use this miraculous quick remedy for your crops!

Of course, terms and conditions still apply; you may contact your local fertilizers company for more info.

Soil – Not Always Fertile! The crops on your soil will grow by eating the nutrients present inside the soil. Of course, the nutrients are not ever-present and you might need to introduce them from the outside.

If you do not, your crops might shiver up and die. If not, they will definitely not yield as much output as they would have, if they had had proper nutrients. Let us look at some of the ways that can be used to increase the fertility of the soil:

Manure Spreaders Yep, if you like to grow animals on your farm, you will realize that they poop. Everyone poops. You can store up this poop in a container and then spread it to your crops in a spreader.

Enter your tractor and attach a weight and a manure spreader to your truck. Then reach for your crops, unfold the spreader, activate it, and let the crap do your work for you.

Slurry Tanks Oilseed radish is a very fast growing crop. It will grow in bad environments too, but cannot be sold for much. Although you can use this radish as a fertilizer. You plant and harvest it before you begin harvesting the actual crop you need.

After harvesting the radishes while they are still growing, break and burrow them into the ground with a cultivator. This will increase the fertility of the soil and make your actual crops grow faster.

Fertilizer Spreaders You can buy Fertilizer packs from your local shop. They are convenient forms of nutrients but are sold expensive-ish. Use them as your absolute final measures.

They are not very healthy for your crops, but will actually force your crops to yield more output. Have fun with this double-trouble guide. It was fun.

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